Fair and meaningful draws are guaranteed in Wels

At the PPP World Championships in Wels, great importance is attached to fair draws. Therefore, the ITTF rules for draws are explicitly not applied.

Care is taken to ensure that the preliminary round groups in singles, doubles and mixed are as evenly matched as possible. This is ensured by the seeding list, which has been drawn up for each competition from the first to the last player or pair.

Players from the same nations are also drawn into different groups if possible. However, due to the large number of German and Austrian participants, this will not always be possible, because eight German women, for example, cannot be distributed among four groups in such a way that there is only one German in each group. In this case, exactly two Germans would end up in each group.

In the draws for the knockout fields in doubles and mixed, care will be taken to ensure that the two pairs from the same preliminary round group are drawn into different halves of the tournament tree. Here, too, nationality will be taken into account as far as possible, and not only in the first rounds. Since in the singles three players each qualify from the second group phase for the respective knockout field of the main or consolation round, there may of course be repetitions of matches from the previous phase even before the final. For this purpose, it has been agreed that the top of the group will be drawn into one half and the second and third of the group into the other half – there, of course, into different quarters of the knockout field.

Group winners will either receive a bye in the first round of the knockout field or will meet a group runner-up (or in singles a group third), but not another group winner. Group runners-up can only receive a bye in the first knockout round if all group winners have also received one.