Slovenia has been selected to host the 5. PPPWC 2024. We want to enhance the event by showcasing artworks of patients who play table tennis, demonstrating their ability to create and perceive the world in their own way. Our intention is to convey a message to the world: »Despite health challenges, we GIVE life TO LIFE, enriching it and pursuing our goals« We invite you to join our exhibition of artworks. The exhibition is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and to forge connections with others facing similar challenges of illness. We believe that art is an incredibly powerful tool that can contribute to your well-being. Each piece of your artwork is a precious expression of your inner world, bearing witness to your unique journey and your expression through art. It is a portrayal of your perception of the world and your experiences of illness. Whether you have been creating for a long time or started after diagnosis, we invite you to share your artistic creations with us and the world. We will strive to prepare a virtual exhibition and showcase it to members of the PPP community worldwide. If you are interested, please fill out the form below.