High sporting level expected in Wels

39 different people have won at least one title in singles, doubles or mixed at the three Parkinson’s World Championships so far. 30 of them will also compete in Wels, including the top nine in the perpetual best list.

Of all 13 who have already won two titles, only one is missing – Bjarne Taekker from Denmark, who was originally also registered but then had to cancel.

In the men’s event, all previous title holders in the main class will also compete in Wels, and in the women’s event only two of them are missing – Jan Fuller from England, who won in 2021 in Berlin, and Marita Siegel from Germany, who was successful there in the doubles event and had to cancel this time due to illness. On the other hand, it means that all the main class title holders from the 2019 Pleasantville and 2022 Pula tournaments will also be competing this time.

In this respect, a high level of play is guaranteed for the sporting competitions, which could increase even more due to the fact that this time some players are taking part for the first time who have already proven their playing strength outside of Parkinson’s table tennis in the past.