Five players with at least three gold medals at the top of the perpetual leaderboard

After the end of the 4th PingPongParkinson World Championship, there have been some movements at the top of the perpetual leaderboard.

With his renewed three-pack, Thorsten Flues has clearly taken the lead with now six titles. He has never won anything other than a gold medal in his two World Championship appearances. The same cannot be said for his pursuers: Ilya Rozenblat has brought it to three gold, four silver and two bronze medals in four tournament appearances, closely followed by Silke Kind (3-2-4) in three starts. Both are the only ones who have already collected nine medals. Thorsten Boomhuis, who has also competed four times, comes in at 3-1-0, just ahead of Rie Koyama with 3-0-1, although she has only competed in Pula and Wels. These five are the only ones with three or more gold medals.

14 players have two gold medals so far. Margie Alley also collected three silver and three bronze medals and is thus ahead of Jörgen Sjöstedt with 2-3-1 and Norbert Hase with 2-3-0. Holger Teppe with 2-2-4 has eight medals in four starts, while Marjan Vitanc in 10th place on the perpetual best list only needed the last two tournaments in Pula and Wels for his 2-2-1 medals. 32 players have won one gold medal so far, and another 93 a silver or bronze. Thus, a total of 144 players are represented in the perpetual best list.