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5. PPPWC 2024 Slovenia, Laško

Dear patients with Parkinson’s diagnosis,
It is with great pleasure that we announce the hosting of the 5th PingPongParkinson World Championship – 5th PPP WC 2024, selected by PPP International, in Slovenia, in Laško.
The annual table tennis competition serves as a fundamental platform for bringing together patients with Parkinson’s diagnosis, encompassing various stages of the condition, diverse knowledge, and experiences.
PingPongParkinson is evolving into a community that connects patients from around the world and promotes regular therapeutic physical exercise through the game of ping pong.
The PingPongParkinson World Championship will also be an opportunity for players and artists to ‘exhibit’ their works expressing various moments of their lives.
For the first time, we will have in the program non-competitive players. They will enjoy spatial PingPongParkinson therapeutic training.
Last but not least, we aim to introduce you to Slovenia and Laško as a friendly tourist destination where you will enjoy spa tourism, supported by a diverse sports infrastructure, excellent cuisine, and a friendly atmosphere.