1. Eligibility 

This championship is open to members of PPP International  (or any of the PPP associated national organizations) diagnosed with Parkinson. 

2. Organizer 

PingPongParkinson International 

3. Host 

PingPongParkinson Austria 

4. Venue

Area Fair Wels – Entry East – Hall 1 
4600 Wels – Austria 

5. Events 


3 classes for women
3 classes for men 


3 classes for women
3 classes for men 

Mixed Doubles

3 classes 

6. Classification 

Classification is based on the self-assessment of the participant, concerning the table tennis experience as well as the severity of the Parkinson disease (see attachment). For the classification of doubles and mixed, the classification for single is taken as a basis. The final decision will be made by the organizer. 

7. Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 24th, 20232 p.m. till 6 p.m. Accreditation 
Monday, Sept. 25th, 20238 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. Accreditation, Practice 
1:30 p.m. Opening Ceremony 
6:30 p.m. Players Party 
Tuesday, September 26th to  
Friday, September 29th, 2023
9 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. Tournament 
Saturday, September 30th,20239.a.m. final rounds, afterwards Award Ceremony 

If there are any changes to the schedule above, you can always find the latest information on 

8. System of play 

Singles/ Doubles/ Mixed: Preliminary round in groups of 3-6 players/ pairs, playing round robin; final round with two group leaders in main round and all others in consolation round in Knock-Out-System. 

9. Winning Sets 

All matches will be best of 5 games, best of 3 games reserved. 

10. Entry 

The registration can be closed early in case of overbooking, it applies: 
first come, first serve→ but please note: the entry fee is not refundable. 
Copy of passport, photograph and a diagnosis certificate of each 
participant has to be send at at the time 
of registration.  
The registration is only valid if the entry fee has been transferred. 

11. Entry Time 

Until August 14th, 2023, 11:59 p.m. 

12. Entry fee

fee for players attending the Players Party Monday evening: 130 € 
(including starting fee, Goodie Bag, Players Party – including dinner and 
drinks [sparkling water, softdrinks, beer, wine]) 
Fee for players without attending the Players Party: 70 € 
fee for accompanying persons who attend the Players Party: 70 € 
(including dinner/drinks); without Players Party: no fee 

bank transfer: IBAN AT69 2020 2015 2001 7664;
Account holder: PingPongParkinson Österreich 
As payment reference please write the name of the player(s) and/or 
accompanying person you are paying for. 

13. Equipment 

20-40 Tibhar tables / Tibhar 40+ *** white balls  

14. Draw 

The draw for all events will take place on Monday, September 25th, 2023.

15. Head Referee

is announced at start of the tournament.  

16. Arbitration Board

3 persons from different countries, announced at start of the tournament.  

17. Awards

Medals for the winners, runners up and the players in the semifinals. 
Prizes for all players in the finals of the consolation round. 

18. Rules

The tournament will be played according to the international  
table tennis rules, with the follwing modifications: 

• Serve:  
The Referee may relax the requirements for a correct serve if he is satisfied that a physical disability or lack of table tennis experience prevents compliance. In addition, if the server does not gain an immediate advantage from the faulty serve, the referee shall relax the requirements even if the serve is faulty. 

• Rally:  
A player may touch the table with the racquet hand or free hand to restore balance after a shot has been taken and when the table is not moving. The player must not use the table as an additional support to gain an advantage before touching the ball. 

• Breaks: 
The referee may allow play to be stopped for as short a time as possible but not more than ten minutes if a player is temporarily disabled by an accident or drug-off. If a player wants an interruption longer than 10 minutes, this can only be approved once per player 
and tournament day by the head referee who has been summoned. This grants a longer break of a maximum of another 10 minutes.

The tournament committee reserves the right to make changes. 

19. Data 

The player further agrees that all photos, film recordings and interviews made by him/her 
in connection with his/her participation in the tournament may be used in radio, 
television, internet, newspaper, advertising, books and photomechanical reproductions 
(films, video cassettes, etc.) without any claim to remuneration on his/her part. 

20. Insurance

By entering the event, each participant must ensure that he or she has sufficient medical, 
travel and other insurance.

21. Liability

The organizer accepts no liability for damage to property or theft. 

22. Catering 

During the tournament the fair restaurant is open. 

23. Accommodation 

Each participant organizes his or her own arrival and departure. Book your rooms with the code PPPWC in one of the following hotels (earlier 
arrival/longer stay possible): 

IBIS Wels*** – fair hotel near the fair area (approx. 10 minutes by foot) 
Maria-Theresia-Str. 44, 4600 Wels, Austria; phone: +43 (0) 7242 930 440,  
to book via email: 
Single (double in single occupancy), double and twin rooms  
room rate € 90 (single) / € 110 (double, twin) including breakfast 
dinner possible in the hotel restaurant (on weekends only with pre-booking) 
parking lot/garage with costs on the hotel area  

Hotel Ploberger **** – better part accessible hotel in the city center 
everything steplessly accessible, mostly walk-in showers (0,6 m inner width) 
2 completely wheelchair accessible rooms 
Kaiser Josef Platz 21, 4600 Wels, Austria; phone: +43 7242 62941,  
to book via email:  
Single (economy), double and twin rooms, in various categories and sizes 
Room rates from € 104,- (single) to € 134,- (double,twin) including breakfast; early bird rates!  
Dinner possible in the restaurant enclosed, also a garden steplessly accessible 
Public parking garage with costs next to the hotel, with elevator directly to the hotel lobby 

Best Western Plaza Hotel Wels **** – in the city center 
Adlerstraße 1, A-4600 Wels, Austria; phone: +43 7242 220 330 990  
to book via email: 
Single, double and twin rooms, in various categories and sizes 
Room rates € 99,20 (single) / € 141,40 (double, twin) including breakfast 
Dinner possible in neighbouring steakhouse (ground floor of same building, entrance from 
outside); free use of small wellness area on request until 10 p.m. every day (sauna, steam 
bath, wellness showers) – unfortunately not steplessly accessible 
Public parking garage with costs next to the hotel, billing via hotel reception (reduced fee) 

Don’t forget to mention the code PPPWC! 

Group travellers, arriving by own coach, book their accommodation 
directly with the Wels Marketing & Touristik GmbH, Mrs. Scheuermann: 
There you can book affordable hotel rooms at the outskirts of town with code PPPWC.  

Independently travelling persons with own car can also book other hotels in town directly 
with the Wels Marketing & Touristik GmbH : 

24. Tournament Homepage 

25. Possible side program and excursion tips

Use your free day for a walk to the Angerlehner-bridge by the river Traun, a visit to the 
Zoo of Wels (free) or the Welios Science Museum (admission), all located in the 
immediate vicinity of the fair center – also a trip to the  Zoo/Aquazoo Schmiding (only 20 
minutes by Bus No. 646, € 5,- one way) is worth it! 

You can find more museums in the city of Wels on the website: Museums in Wels 

If you would like to extend your stay in Austria before or after the World Championships, 
Wels, as a centrally located location, offers a number of excursion options, e.g.: 
Salzburg City: approx. 1 hour by train (ÖBB; Westbahn, return ticket approx. € 50,-, 
reduction with handicapped ID) 
Linz City: 15-20 minutes by train (ÖBB; Westbahn; return ticket approx. € 13,-) 
Hallstatt (world heritage site): approx. 2 hours by train (ÖBB; Westbahn; you have to 
change train once; return ticket approx. € 40,-) 
Thermal Waterpark Bad Schallerbach:  approx. 10 minutes by train (ÖBB return ticket 
approx. € 10,-; entry fee approx. € 40,-) 
Max Center Wels (shopping center at the western outskirts of town, approx. 10 minutes 
by car/public transport)  
PlusCity (huge shopping center approx. 20 minutes by car/40 min. by Bus 600, appr. € 7,- 
one way) 


26. Closing words 

We are looking forward to a successful World Championship 2023 in Wels! 

The event is subject to the condition that it has to be restricted or canceled due to official 
instructions. The participants bear this risk themselves!